Chief Justice Matthew Caverhill has always been opinionated, brash and cocky, and yet he isn’t a lawyer and doesn’t play one on TV. Amongst his eccentricities, he celebrates July 4th as Grand Theft Auto Day, and he believes that somehow when he briefly thinks of a movie or episode of a television show, it will be on tv within three days. It doesn’t matter that it actually happens, it is still crazy talk, isn’t it? He currently runs the blog Culture Kills… wait I mean Cutlery.

When Aaron R. Davis was a child, he accidentally wandered into the underground lair of an ancient magician. Now, by saying aloud the magician’s name—CONTRAFIBULARITY—he becomes SamuraiFrog, lumbering through the blogosphere with the grace of a hippopotamus set loose in a shopping mall in order to criticize, hypothesize, and Jazzercise on all aspects of culture, society, and politics. He currently resides in a cave under a bridge in accordance with a court order and is available for parties. His lifelong ambition is to write a book on the history and uses of the pince-nez. He is also an associate editor at Studies in Fantasy Literature, an honest-to-goodness literary journal, and has been published in newspapers across the state of Illinois (Chicagoland only). He is the mastermind behind Electronic Cerebrectomy.

Becca is a pop culture junkie whose greatest dream is to be whisked away in the TARDIS by the ninth Doctor. When she’s not killing her soul through work in the retail book trade she is an aspiring illustrator/ pin-up photographer who approves of William Shatner’s singing career, adores Bettie Page’s smile and greatly admires Isaac Asimov’s wit. You can take a trip through her mind by visiting her blog No Smoking in the Skullcave.

Jess does not exist. That is, he does not currently reside in this plane of existence. Instead, he roams the Problem Space, eternally searching for an Answer Tree to fulfill his every need. The Jess you may think you know is just a bunch of ducks cleverly disguised in a Jess-suit. When Jess returns from the Problem Space, he will possess all the Answers and the forces of Whimsy shall reign supreme. If Jess did exist, he would blog about pop culture at Apropos of Something. However, as we’ve already established that Jess does not exist, we ask that you please respect the ducks.

Growing up with two TV channels and music on 8-track, Jeremy dreamt of a day when he could watch different episodes of the same show around the clock and of a jukebox that could hold every song in the world. Now that he owns both of these magical devices he spends his days explaining what’s wrong with pop culture, watching mashups and chasing kids off his Jell-O Tree Facebook profile. He is the force behind the long-successful Popped Culture.

Nikki Stafford is a television blogger at, blogging on shows like Lost, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, Buffy, and others. She is the author of six bestselling companion books to television shows, including Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide, Bite Me! An Unofficial Guide to the World of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Once Bitten: An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel. She’s also written books on Alias and Xena, and her newest book — a season 3 guide to Lost — will be published in October 2007. She is the editor of two books of fan stories — Trekkers: Stories By Fans for Fans and How Xena Changed Our Lives — and is a contributor to the book Girls Who Bite Back: Witches, Mutants, Slayers and Freaks. She’s written articles for the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, and has appeared on Space, e-Talk Daily, and Star! Television, as well as several radio programs as a regular TV pundit.

Jim Squires is the fifteenth incarnation of his holiness the Dalai Lama. He became this after brutally slaughtering the fourteenth and consuming his essence on an ice cream cone. “If only I’d asked him how to fly before feasting on his tasty innards” Jim is often heard to lament. Possessing the powers of the Superman of Buddhism but not the knowledge of how you use them, Jim has retired to a quiet life of blogging loudly on everything and everything in a number of blogs, chief amongst them being fjetsam. Fjetsam is the internet’s foremost site for Big Mac-related humour and door-to-door KnifeCo sales. They also occasionally discuss popular culture on a regular and daily basis. Confused yet? Now you know what it’s like to be Jim.

James B runs a blog by the name of Semaj Blog Your Blog. Anyway, he sort of does some writing on the side, but he’s currently seeking a degree in Commutations. He’s lived mostly in Louisville, KY, but plans on moving out of the city someday. Hopefully, to Vulcan. Think of me as the guy you ask movie trivia about, because I’ve ground up watching movies.

Heidi lives in California in a mostly romantic comedy with her husband, two cats and one very entertaining dog who gets most of the laughs, scripted or not. While her hometown is California, her heart belongs to Bedrock: she grew up a latch key kid and as a child spent her after school hours roller skating, crushing on Sean Cassidy and imagining her parents were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. As kids, she and her brother concocted a sophisticated plan to be “accidentally” locked inside a shopping mall. While her brother has moved on, she’s still working out the details of that plan. She is a fan of all things pop culture, especially movies; most fond of indie films and least of fond of horror films, which she insists require a cartoon chaser to prevent nightmares. Tired of waiting for her futuristic dinner-on-demand Jetsons’ kitchen, she has recently taken up cooking. Oh and she writes about pop culture on her fluffy and delicious website,


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